We are Dani and Blake

We are a married couple from Sydney, Australia with our first baby born May 2021.

We started on Tiktok in December 2019 which was meant to be just a bit of fun, until one day a video that Blake posted where he says “Oi Dani” kind of blew up. This started an “Oi Dani” / "Oi Blake" series and the videos usually go quite well (except those that get removed).

Currently there are 23 videos with over 1 million views, 5 over 2 million, 1 over 3 million, 1 over 5 million and 1 over 11 million views!

We created an “Oi Dani” logo with merchandise that is available now. We have a YouTube channel with 7K subscribers, a joint Instagram and Tiktok account on top of our own. We would love for you to follow us!

We hope you will come on this journey with us. Sit back, have a laugh and enjoy!

Love Dani and Blake 

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